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* Deceased

2017 Kim Ambrose
2016 Kim Ambrose
2015 Joe Truex
2014 Pat Corbett
2013 Trudy Wojciehowski
2012 Bob Krueger
2011 Joe Truex
2010 Katy Frissora
2009 Brian O'Reilly
2008 Pat Corbett
2007 Derek DeBree
2006 Robert Krueger
2005 Joe Truex
2004 Rich Brister, Jr.
2003 Andy Schrank
2002 Bill Acker
2001 Wade Davis
2000 Hal Trenton
1999 Brenda Jacobsen
1998 Bill Acker
1997 Jeff Lang*
1996 Joe Perrotto
1995 Wade Davis
1994 Hal Trenton
1993 Bob Frank
1992 John Haney
1991 Sue Bennett
1990 Andy Schrank
1988 -89 Raquel Falotico
1987 Jim Kirman
1986 Hal Trenton
1985 Larry Hartman
1984 John Haney
1983 Wayne Hartman
1982 Mike Defazio
1981 Lou Hartman
1980 Barry Brett*
1979 Bill Acker
1978 Bob Osborne
1977 Dick Conk
1976 Walter Conk
1975 John Riley
1974 Don Havens
1973 Bill Leonard
1972 Bill Lang
1971 John Feeny
1970 Ray Bennett
1969 Bob Brown*
1968 Don Hodgkiss*
1967 Don Frank*
1966 Charley Meyer*
1965 Jim Connor*
1964 Robert Lundy*
1963 Dominic Pallucci*
1962 Jim Staffer*
1961 Noel Lartaud*
1960 Pat Halloran*
1959 Robert Matthews*
1958 Joe Driscoll*
1957 Jim Farley*
1956 Bill Robbins*
1955 James Acker*
1954 Tom Carlock*
1953 Hubert Conover*
1952 Al Robbins*
1951 Luke Pryor*
1950 Warren Reinhardt*
1948 Lester England*
1947 Arthur Whitmore*
1946 George Woodward*
1945 Steve Nemesh*
1944 Charles Brister*
1943 Harry Verneau*
1942 Russell Minton*
1941 Robert Adment*
1940 William Geiger*
1939 Leroy King*
1938 Lynwood Minton*
1937 John McCue*
1936 Art Crozier*
1935 Vernon Snyder*
1934 Theo Parker*
1930-33 Vernon Little


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Fair Haven First Aid Squad

Serving the Borough of Fair Haven for 114 Years

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Monmouth County EMS Squad 13-21

2017 FHFD EMS Squad

The Fair Haven First Aid Squad is an all-volunteer unit of the Fair Haven Fire Company that provides around-the-clock emergency medical services, land and water rescue and transportation for the residents of Fair Haven. Even though we have our own officers, training requirements, and equipment, we are fully integrated into the Fair Haven Volunteer Fire Company No. 1. As a part of this integration, we respond to every response of the Fire Department as well as to emergency medical situations.

To request emergency medical assistance in the Borough of Fair Haven, Dialing 9-1-1 contacts the Monmouth County Communications Center, which is staffed by trained emergency medical personnel. While the 9-1-1 operator is giving the caller first aid instructions, another operator is simultaneously dispatching the first aid squad. Remember to stay on the line with the operator and remain calm. Help will be on the way!

In 2009, the Fair Haven First Aid Squad responded to approximately 470 calls, of which approximated 110 were mutual aid assists for our surrounding communities. The membership requirements were modified a few years ago to allow new members who are not interested in being a member of the other Fire Company units (Fire Department, Fire Police, Auxiliary) to nevertheless join as an Affiliate member of the Fire Company and participate actively in the First Aid Squad. To participate in this manner, applicants seek "Affiliate Membership" in the Fire Company, as explained in the Joining FHFD section.

If you are primarily interested in learning about our organization, the SECTIONS listed above will link you to pertinent information. However, if you want to learn more about the other activities of the Fire Company as well, please click on the "About FHFD" button on the left side of this page and explore the entire organization.

2018 Fair Haven First Aid Squad Officers

Line Officers:

Captain Katy Frissora
1st Lieutenant Dan Kane
2nd Lieutenant Roxanne Keane

Executive Officers:

President – Andy Schrank
Vice-President –Kim Ambrose
Secretary – Raquel Falotico
Treasurer – Dianne Feeny
Trustees – Derek DeBree, Ryan Corbett and Greg Goepert

2018 First Aid Line Officers (L to R): Captain Katy Frissora, 1st Lieutenant Dan Kane, 2nd Lieutenant Roxanne Keane

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