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Fair Haven Fire Department Celebrates 100 Years of Service (2004)

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Fair Haven Firemen's Fair: Best Fair in NJ

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The Fair Haven Fire Company has produced their Firemen’s Fairs for most of their 100-plus year history, and is one of the largest fairs in New Jersey with thousands...image

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2013 Fire Department Annual Responses

Fires                     58

Car Fires                 2

Accidents               4

Rescue                    2

Mutual Aid Calls   11

Alarms                  79

Chief Calls              2

Drills                     16

EMS                    309

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"Our Fair Ladies: The Women of the Firemen's Fair"

FHFD receives New Fire Command truck

FHFD is mentioned in an article on Central Jersey enjoys Antique Muster

Future Firefighters
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2015 Firemen's Fair
Friday, Aug. 28 to Sept. 5th
(closed on Sunday's)

Friday and Saturday: 6p-11p
Monday-Thursday: 6p-10p

SECTIONS: | Today's Fair | History | Help Us! | Fair Gallery

Today's Firemen's Fair
FHFD Firemen's FairThe annual Fair Haven Fire Company Firemen's Fair is the largest firemen's fair in New Jersey and is the second largest fair of any kind in the state. Today's Fair is an exciting family activity that attracts people of all ages from throughout New Jersey.

The firehouse grounds are transformed into blazing lights, sounds and activities, including rides like the Zipper, Rainbow, Wipeout, and a large ferris wheel. There's also a merry-go-round, train and other rides tailored for the smaller folks.

But for the future firefighters, there's nothing like a ride on a real fire truck! Children are safely seated on one of Fair Haven's first-line pumpers and taken on a ride around several blocks in Fair Haven. No child forgets the thrill of a ride with the siren blaring and the engine roaring!

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Food is one of the main attractions, with a sit-down dining room featuring local seafood specialties and an "Out-Back" kitchen that serves hamburgers, hotdogs, cotton candy and ice cream.

In addition to being the Fire Company's main fund-raising event, the Fair serves as an "end-of-summer" event for members of the Fire Company and other volunteers who pitch in to work at over 30 booths and in other activities.

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History of the Fair Haven Firemen's Fair
The Arcade at the Firemen's FairThe Fair Haven Fire Company has produced Firemen's Fairs for most of its 100-plus year history, except during the years of the World Wars. The first Fairs, starting in 1906, were more like carnivals than the Fair as we know it now. In the days of the "old Fairs" the events were usually held on the first week of August on a small lot on River Road that is now the site of the Fair Haven Municipal Building. Wire-walkers and chances on two autos were among the attractions, in addition to the usual booths with spinning wheels of chance. The highlight of the evening was the chance to swing on the dance floor with your partner to the tunes of a live band -- for the sum of 10-cents a dance! In 1936 a Chrysler Royal Sedan was raffled at a cost of 3 shares for 25-cents.

In 1954, new state gaming laws put an end to the games of chance, thus ending the "old Fairs." In an effort to raise funds without the benefits of the Fair, the Fire Company turned to weekly bingo games at the Firehouse, along with door-to-door collections. In early 1960, state gaming laws changed once again, providing an opportunity for the Fire Company to renew its Fair. Having stored all of the gaming equipment over the years, the firemen were ready to go and the Fair was reborn.

The ZipperFor many years, a key draw to the Fair was the raffle of a new automobile. During the summer months proceeding the Fair, the car would be prominently displayed at the front of the Firehouse. The excitement of the final Saturday evening of the Fair culminated with the drawing of the winning raffle ticket. But, like all other changes, automobiles became less attractive to families who increasingly owned multiple vehicles, including top-of-the line SUVs. So, the Fair Company discontinued the automobile raffle in the late 1990's and replaced the event with a "Super 50-50" event in which the winner walks away with 10s of thousands of dollars -- free to spend on a car or anything else of interest. This event has proved to be very popular and will be continued until cash prizes are no long of interest (whenever that might be).

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Outback Requirements:
Children 12 years old and younger are not allowed in the Outback. This is a safety issue as there are many hot surfaces and it is a food preparation area.
All children 13 and older may work without a parent present.

Dining Area Requirements
Waiters/Waitresses must by 18 or older. No experience necessary but need to handle the pressure of "first seating".

Game Booth Requirements
Must be 18 years or older to work in a game booth.

As the Firemen's Fair is our annual fund drive for the fire department, Fair Haven Fire Department does not hire/use outside entertainment, outside promotions
or outside food vendors for the duration of the fair.

If you have any questions, please contact
Richard Brister, Chairman of Personnel rbrister@fhfd.org

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